120gr. BURGERS

10 Kjósverji Cheeseburger, lettuce, sauce, french fries and cocktail sauce 2.150 kr.

11 Einn stakur Cheeseburger, lettuce, sauce 1.500 kr.

12 Fulltrúi Cheeseburger, lettuce, egg, bacon, mushrooms,sauce, french fries and cocktail sauce 2.500 kr.

13 Kúskur Cheeseburger, lettuce, barbecue sauce, bacon, red onion, french fries and cocktail sauce 2.400 kr.

14 Hamburger for kids Hamburger with ketchup 1.250 kr.

15 Doddi Cheeseburger,bacon, lettuce, sauce, french fries and cocktail sauce 2.350 kr.

16 Club burger Cheeseburger, lettuce, cucumber, red bell pepper, mushrooms, bacon, red onion, sweet mustard dressing, french fries and cocktail sauce 2.600 kr.

17 Smalinn 120 gr. lamb burger with cheese, béarnaise sauce, lettuce, maize kernels, red cabbage, french fries and béarnaise sauce 2.350 kr.

18 Móri Cheeseburger, lettuce, red bell pepper, bacon, french fries and cocktail sauce 2.400 kr.


20 Kaffi Kjós sandwich Ham, cheese, lettuce and vegetable sauce 1.150 kr.

21 Egg and bacon sandwich Ham, cheese, lettuce, egg, bacon and vegetable sauce 1.540 kr.

22 Club sandwich Hamburger bread, ham, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, red bell pepper,mushrooms, bacon, red onion and sweet mustard dressing 1.750 kr.

23 Biddu-brauð (toast) Pan toasted bread, ham, cheese, lettuce, egg, mushrooms and vegetable sauce 1.320 kr.

24 Steak sandwich Beef strips, mushrooms, onion, red bell pepper and béarnaise sauce 1.950 kr.

25 Sandwich for kids Ham and cheese 950 kr.

26 Toasted bread 2 slices of toast with butter, marmelade and cheese 940 kr.


40 Salad plate Fresh mixed salad with feta cheese and mix of seeds 1.450 kr.

41 Vegetarian buff Vegetarian Salisbury steak containing barley bread, chickpeas, chili, garlic, fennel, potatoes, bread crumbs, tomatoes and seasoning that neither contains msg or other similar ingredients. Served with fresh vegetables and balsamic vinegar dressing 1.750 kr.

42 Vegetarian cheeseburger Vegetarian cheeseburger, lettuce, sauce, french fries and cocktail sauce 1.900 kr.

43 Single vegetarian cheeseburger Vegetarian cheeseburger, lettuce and sauce 1.250 kr.

44 Vegetarian sandwich Vegetables, cheese and vegetable sauce 1.600 kr.


8 Beef salad Fresh mixed salad with beef strips, mushrooms, sauce and mix of seeds 2.100 kr.

9 Steak of lamb 210 gr. steak of lamb served using fresh vegetables, french fries and béarnaise sauce 3.800 kr.

19 Ground beef with onion Ground beef, egg, pan fried onion and fresh vegetable sereved with ruhbarb jam and pepper dressing 2.150 kr.

30 Eggs and bacon Panfried eggs and bacon served on toasted bread 1.750 kr.

31 Omelette Eggs, salt and pepper, fresh vegetable salad 1.550 kr. Extra ingredients, see nr. 50


50 Extra Ingredients egg, bacon, ham, cheese 250

onion, mushrooms, asparagus, pineapple,red bell pepper, cucumber, tomatoes 195 kr. pr. ing.

52 French fries - Small portion for about 1-2 people 650 kr. - Big portion for about 3-4 people 830 kr.

53 Cocktail sauce 210 kr.

54 Ketchup 110 kr.

55 Béarnaise sauce 300 kr

Soft Drinks

Coke – Pepsi – Appelsín - Kristall kr. 350


Orange juice kr. 200 - Apple juice kr. 200

Draft beer

Viking 500 ml kr. 1.000 - Víking 330 ml kr. 850

Bottled beer

Víking kr. 950 - Egils gull kr. 950 - Einstök White Ale kr. 1.200 - Einstök Arc Pale kr. 1.200

Red Wine

Faustino VII 18,7cl kr. 1.300 - Lindeman‘s Shiraz 18,7cl kr. 1.300 - Stonbarn Cabernet Sauvignon kr. 4.600

White Wine

Faustino VII 18,7 cl kr. 1.300 - Lindeman‘s Chardonnay 18,7 cl kr. 1.300 - Villa Lucia Pino grigio 750ml kr. 4.600


House coffee / Te kr. 400 - Hot chocolate with cream kr. 630 - Irish coffee kr. 1.800

Því miður verðum við að fresta opnun 2021 stefnum nú á að opna 1.maí.

Hermann og Birna

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