Our Story

Kaffi_Kjos_litlar-43 Ferðaþjónustan Hjalla ehf. (Hjalli Tourist Services ltd) operates on Hjalli farm in the district of Kjós. Hjalli farm is a recent build, since 1952, on the estates of Eyjar I.

Traditional husbandry was operated on the property, that is to say, milk production and sheep breeding. Current owners of the property bought it in 1980 and lived there with their cows and sheep for the first few years. They bred sheep there up until the year 2017, whilst also working on tourist services.

Hjalli is located 50 km from Reykjavík, by road no. 461, 5 km off Hvalfjörður Road no. 47.

In 1998, Ferðaþjónusta Hjalla ehf. established the service centre of Kaffi Kjós, located on the south side of Mt. Meðalfell, with a lovely view over Lake Meðalfellsvatn. It is a restaurant, a café and a store. Kaffi Kjós works hard to make sure that visitors enjoy their meals in a homelike environment.

Additionally, the business offers two types of accommodation: camping grounds and a small cabin (for two persons).

Kaffi Kjós er lokað og höfum við hætt þessum rekstri, óvíst um framhaldið. Kaffi Kjós er til sölu.

Við þökkum viðskiptavinum okkar í þessi 23.ár fyrir samveruna og viðskiptin.

Kær kveðja Hermann og Birna

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